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9 Day LiveStream for WPP | BAV | Alibaba Group

Well after zero on-site live streams in 2020 and the majority of 2021 - we were back at WPP offices in Central London in November 2021 doing a 9 day live stream including an overnight broadcast to cover APAC (Asia Pacific). We setup our two #Manfrotto Panoramic Greenscreens which has become our standard Greenscreen studio setup now. We had 2 x Sony X70 and 1 Sony Z90 filming in 4K - all going back to our #Newtek #Tricaster #TC1. We used #Microsoft #Teams to bring in interviews from all around the world via #NDI and used #Adobe #AfterEffects to produce all the graphics again via #NDI. Was a very successful broadcast #WPPBAV1111 and thank you to #PaulReiffer and #MarkBreen.


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