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Studio Stream formed in 2015 and is a West London based web broadcasting enabler - meaning we can come to any location around the world "Home or Office" and video broadcast a presentation, meeting or event over the internet via various streaming platforms. Our favourite though is YouTube Live. Using our real-time Virtual Studio technology we can turn your office or home into a studio. We also can produce supporting content such as photography, design, graphics, and videos that appear during a live stream - a one-stop shop for your broadcasting needs.

Studio Stream was created to fix a problem that a client was having at the time. They were doing live webcasting internally but using technology which didn't allow HD resolution and couldn't stream to more than 100 people at a time. Also, the 1080p videos that were being produced had to be scaled down to low-resolution Adobe Flash files. The client was not happy so our founders - Tuhin and Joe decided to invest in the latest web streaming technology.


Our first job was at the top of the Reuters Building in New York - no pressure there then. We've done broadcasts ever since from plush hotel event rooms in Mumbai and Dubai to big conference venues in Madrid to corporate offices in New York and London.

The most important thing for you is probably cost and you will be very surprised at our rates so please contact  us for a quote. We've done broadcasts at every budget level and have always delighted our clients by going over and above. Tuhin and Joe constantly strive for perfection in everything they do so if your budget is small - we will deliver big.

Tuhin grew up in front of the camera and has worked on many shows in the mid 70's and early 80's and the occasional movie. Having left stage school for "normal" school, Tuhin eventually graduated in Business Information Technology and was destined to be an I.T geek, however, two years into that role Tuhin discovered he had the creative know-how and technical skills to film, edit and produce corporate videos. Between 2003 and 2010 Tuhin went on to produce over 1,400 videos for the UK DIY Retailer B&Q and Kingfisher Plc. In summer 2010, he then became a freelancer and now has an impressive list of clients. He has produced well over 1,000 videos as CEO of Toinspire Productions Ltd. 

In 2015, Tuhin met up through facebook one of his old friends from Corona Academy Stage School - Joe Greco,  who coincidentally ran his own video production business. Joe became Tuhin's filming partner on pretty much every job thereafter. They have filmed all around the world producing documentaries and filming high-level corporate interviews.

Like Tuhin, Joe also grew up in the spotlight of 80s TV. He was/still is - one of the infamous "Pink Windmill Kids" plus the star of Childrens TV shows like "Spatz", "The DJ Kat Show", "Mike & Angelo" and many more. Having spent most of the 80's and 90's in front of the camera, Joe decided to go on the other side and eventually became a video editor for Sky.


In the mid 00's Joe setup his own Video Production company and in Tuhin's own words "One of the best camera operators he's ever worked with who also shares a common passion of working hard and to make the end result - perfect".


Joe is a multi-tasking guru and currently has his right arm up something hot, soft and rubbery... one of Jim Henson's Muppets if you were wondering. Joe's currently working on a new Netflix series which will be out shortly. Honestly, this website isn't big enough to list all of Joe's accomplishments. 


What can we say about our faithful I.T Guy "Breen". Well... Tuhin met Breen at Chiswick School, London in 1982 and quickly became friends.


Breen has done most jobs out there from Checkout Supervisor at B&Q to Chief Security Guard at Hammersmith Tube Depot to an Administrator at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. But Breen's big passion apart from reading was building computers in his spare time.


So after nearly 20 years with B&Q, Breen decided to join Toinspire Productions Ltd and then it was a natural progression that he ended up becoming part of the Studio Stream family. Breen prefers to stay in the shadows of the operation and he probably won't talk on any of the upcoming videos that the guys are working on. In all honesty, the guys couldn't produce amazing web broadcasts without him. 


If you need more then we can provide more...


Studio Stream is the web broadcasting and green screen specialist component of a much wider team of creative businesses whom together form an amazing cost-effective agency. We don't have lavish offices so we pass on considerable savings to our clients. The truly great thing is that we are all friends and have been for over 20 years. We know each other's strengths very well and most importantly we trust each other 100% and share the desire to always exceed our client's expectations on every job... every time. Feel free to contact us at Studio Stream if you are interested in speaking to any of these businesses and we will be happy to put you in touch. Alternatively, you can click on their website links below. 




Our network...


Toinspire Productions Ltd 

Corporate Communication Specialists | 2D & 3D Animation | 4K Drone Filming | Over 2,000 videos produced since 2003 (New Website Coming Soon 2018)



Original Music Composition | Voiceover | Sound Design & FX | Over 20 years of audio broadcasting experience for Radio and TV


Paul Reiffer

BAFTA and National Geographic Award Winning Photographer | Cityscape and Landscape Specialist | PhaseOne Brand Ambassador



Design, Marketing and Print Services | Website Design and Implementation | Content Production including Copywriting 



The Ultimate Marketing "Wow" Product | Combination of a brochure and interactive HD screen | Fully customisable | Various Sizes


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